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First post!

Okay, well this is the first blog.  I’m sure it wont be nearly as exciting as Nikki’s blogs– however theres a first for everything.  Okay.

Ahem, *cracks knuckles and shakes head*

Today was my last final.. Thank god.  I couldn’t sleep at all last night so I spent most of the night just laying in bed thinking of dreams to dream.  So naturally after my final today I needed a good coma to offset my few nights of zero sleep.  It was amazing. I woke up to 3 people calling me, 10 text messages and a few emails here and there, and a voice mail for good measure.

I’ll eventually make an “about my awesome self” section where I divulge all the details of my fascinating life (sarcasm people) , however one detail I’m going to spoil right now is that I’m an Resident Assistant on campus.  I had my half year evaluation today and got an outstanding review for my leadership, team building, programing and community building efforts in Brottski.  Also for my amazing skills behind the front desk.   And for my willingness to go above and beyond ( Toooo infinityyyy and Beyondddd)  my required duty here.  Basically I’m amazing. Haha okay I’m not really that cocky but I’m super excited I got a good review (so hopefully I can stay in my amazing apartment next year and not have to move buildings).

I’m pretty pumped that I’m officially on winter break.  This means : 1. No exams 2. No duty calls at 4 am 3. I’ll be able to sleep again 4. I get to see my amazing cat (oh.. i mean family.)  *spoiler alert for the “about my amazing self” section* I’m an Addict… to cats. Yes.. I’m a crazy cat lady. I love them, they love me. Oh and the same goes for babies. They love me– because of my big head.  ANYWAY! I know your all extremely excited to read my blog– you can already tell I’m as nuts as Nikki says I am.   Anyway– cats and babies are a story for another time (because i’ve got more important things to blog about like….)

I can promise you this will be the most RANDOM blog you will ever read.



Lol Cat of the day:

Go Away Morningz


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  1. AntosDoesLife
    December 15, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    Hahahaha. Because of my big head. Nice.

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