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Christmas Break: She Breaks Free (Day 1)

Haha okay okay not really breaking free but finally being able to spend some time at home without having to worry about my curfew at Duq for my RA position.  Todays a lazy day, however I wanted to make sure I posted something so I could start getting into the habit of posting and making this an *actual* blog.

I slept amazingly last night– Thank god finals are done.  Some of my grades are in which are as I anticipated.  I started packing my stuff to come home today.  I realize that I ALWAYS overpack. I’m a girl.. its like a necessity or something.  Anyway, I packed a whole bag just for dressy sweaters.. realized after that it probably wasn’t essential to have EVERY sweater in my dresser at home.. but I didnt do anything about it haha. I also decided randomly I wasnt going to take my dirty laundry home as I originally thought I would– so I just threw some of those in the washer.  Now I’m going to Milanos (favorite pizza place at Duq) to get lunch with a friend who is working on campus today.  Anyway, the main goal of this post was to post one of my favoriteeeee versions of a christmas song: Oh holy night by Kelly Clarkson- I could listen to it OVER and OVER.. .and I do!  Here it is!!

And of course the Favorite LOL cat of the day:

I Lol'd!

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