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Day 2 and 3: I took a face plant in the snow.

Yesterday we went skiing at Hidden Valley– $20 AMAZING.  We all had our own stuff so we didn’t have to pay for anything except our lift ticket and food!  It was a beautiful day, super sunny for most of the day, cold but not too cold– pretty windy though.  

Now– onto the epic title of this blog : I took a face plant in the snow. As my sister and any of my friends will tell you– I ski and snowboard.  Because I started on Skis you would think I’d be better on them— NOTTTT the case. I can handle the mountain far better on my board than my skis– but last year my board binding snapped and I literally forgot all about it until i reached into my jacket and found it in my pocket!  So anyway, yesterday I was on skis, but we were at a ski resort i’ve skied at a hundred times so I wasnt too worried about falling.  Clearly I should have been.   We went down a blue square (an intermediate run) where they had snow makers going.  For whatever reason– this was the run that the ice from the snow maker decided to stick to my goggles and fog them all up good.  not being able to see out of my left eye, i skied rightttt into a slow patch of snow causing my body to be now going faster than my feet making me fall forward right down the hill head first.  Luckily i was wearing a helmet (the second time I have been REALLY thankful I was wearing it) so i only managed to “Yard sale” or lose  both skis and poles.  Kevin– who was behind me said I hit pretty hard and rolled head first three or four times.  Luckily he was there to help me pick myself up– catch my breath and get myself back together. (THANKS KEVIN!) Oh and he helped me relive it over again haha. The reason I didnt post this yesterday was because 1. i was SO tired. and 2, i wanted to see exactly how sore i’d be today. OH. MY. GOD. I am soooo sore. My shoulder hurts, my hip hurts, my head hurts.

here are some pictures from yesterday

After we went skiing we went to a family christmas party.  Here are those pictures (this looks an awful lot like Nikki’s blog because she stole my picturessss)

look at that wind burn

And a LOLcat

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  1. AntosDoesLife
    December 18, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    hahahahahah, i love sloth. that’s me.

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