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Candy Cane Swirl Nails

Supplies Used

1. Sally Hansen Double Duty: base and top coat

2. L.A.Colors Color Craze white

3. Sally Hansen Dazzling



Paint nails with 1 coat of base coat

Apply 2 coats of white nail polish (sorry no pictures)

Next in a cup of ROOM TEMPERATURE water (in a plastic cup you dont care about) add alternating drops of two contrasting colors– in this case red and white.   Add each color to make 2 rings:

Then take a paper clip, pen or any other pointed object you’d like to drag the nail polish on the outside through.  Do not start on the total outside of the largest ring— aim more in the middle of it.  I find that the outside dries a lot faster than the middle of that ring.  Anyway, drag the rings into each other like so:

Next you will need to pick a spot on the design you like, bend your finger to make it parallel to the water, place it in the design and into the water and straighten it.  Use your paper clip to collect the extra around your finger– then lift it out.  Your design will be wonderfully displayed on your finger.  You will have alot to clean up around the edges so you can either suck it up and use some Q-tips and nail polish remover, or you can tape around your nails.  Add a top coat and your done! Heres the design before i really removed the extra red:


Left Hand

Left Hand

Right Hand

This is a fun way to get unique nails– each nails different!

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