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Christmas Wrap up!

Alright so I thought the title was pretty clever– get it wrap up… Christmas wrapping paper HAHA! okay I know I’m not that funny.  Well I wanted to share with you all what I got for Christmas this year because I love the gifts too much not to!  Alright so exhibit A:

Nikon Cool Pix s1100pj

I absolutely love this camera.  Not only is it purple(haha) but it has a full back touch screen, 5x optical zoom, video record and finally a projector.  This camera is basically my old camera on steroids.  It takes a little bit longer to take pictures than my exilum did, however I think that the pictures that come out so far have been a whole lot better.  I haven’t taken too many “artsy” pictures with it yet but I’ll get there…


Here is the back view of the camera:

All touch screen with a record, picture, and preview buttons.

The nob right above the gold princess hat is the power button and focuser for the projector which is one of the sweetest features I’ve ever seen on a camera.  the button all the way to the right is the snap shot button and zoom.  You can see them better in this photo:

Top view of Nikon Cool pix s1100pj

This camera is one of the more sleek cameras I’ve seen.  Its compact enough for me to put it in my wristlet which was a must for me.  It also had to function well and take good pictures.  I feel that this camera exceeds all of my expectations!

So on to my favorite gift numero duo.  Amazon Kindle (given to me by Nikki who wrote this review).  She really know a lot more about the kindle because shes had hers for a year now and has read well i actually have no idea how many books but shes got about 20 on her account.  Anyway, I love my kindle.  If you don’t know what a Kindle is I suggest you read into Nikkis review or check out my pictures below.  This is a Kindle:

Its SUPER thin and light


I also got a ballin’ Kindle case from Mikey (nikki’s BF) which I love.  This is it: 

I’m not really going into a whole lot of detail about it (other than I love it) because like I said, Nikki did a better job than I could ever hope to do reviewing the kindle.  She love it so it doesn’t surprise me!


Lastly onto my most addictive gift this christmas: Keurig Special edition coffee maker

Keurig Special Edition Coffee Maker

I have always wanted a Keurig coffee maker but always thought that I didnt drink nearly enough coffee to justify buying one.  Well my life has changed haha.  I absolutely love my Coffee Maker.  You simply fill the side tank with water, press the power button.  It will suck some water into the machine itself, and warm it up.  Then you lift the big silver handle in the front and insert a K-cup(ill get to that in a second) and then close it.  You select one of the 3 sizes below the led screen and then in 1 minute flat you have coffee!  Its amazing.  Alright now onto the K-cup situation.  K-cups can be found basically anywhere now that the Keurig is more popular.  They have basically every type of flavor from coffee to tea to hot chocolate.  This is what a K cup looks like

Not reusable.

The also have a reusable one called a My-Kcup which looks like this:


Also I found this picture which shows basically what the Keurig actually does:

Amazing.   I really love all my christmas gifts this year.  Sorry this is overly picture-y

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