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Mr. Potato head!

Alright so  I know I’m not that good at blogging on here– Ill get better I promise– not that anyone reads this besides Nikki(thats okay Nik you’ll be super updated on my life)  Anyway, today I decided to show you guys my little garden I have in my room. I’m having a difficult time keeping it alive because the little pots are so small.  Anyway, if you cant read those, they say “Strawberry” ” Mini rose” “Strawberry” and “Forget-me-not”  Clearly the forget-me-not is the only one actually growing well at this time.. Don’t let the mini roses trick you– I’m pretty convinced they’re dead.. or on their death bed.  And only 1 tiny strawberry seed managed to actually grow…

My mini garden-- looks a little crappy


Also, as my resident assistant job I have to do different programs different months.  I figured for March I could do an at home chia pet of sorts.. or as I like to call them– a Mr. Potato head.   They’re made of a stocking with grass seed at the toe, followed by saw dust(or dirt) and tied off.  I just pinched off parts for his ears and nose and rubber banded them!   This ones my moms.. Isn’t he so cute!

Mr. Potato head (not really a potato)

Mr. Potato head (not really a potato)


Then I had the amazing task of mass producing the Mr. Potato heads.. up thats right.. 34 of them not counting the two that are already growing in that bowl.  That look me about 4 hours… and none of them have ears, a nose, eyes or mouth… God thats going to take forever!

Mass produced potato heads

My other plans were dying for attention too.. Thats an aloe plant and two plans I had no idea what their names are… They just bloom a pretty red flower every like 2-3 weeks and then the flower dies.. I dunno.. I’m pretty sure the only reason why plans bloom in my room is because its like a green house in here… My mom said she couldn’t get that plant to bloom ever.  Its bloomed at least 5 times since I’ve had it since October.

My normal plants shoved off to the side


Thats all for today! Hope you liked it!

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  1. AntosDoesLife
    February 20, 2011 at 10:15 pm

    Hahaha, it’s good to read your blog, because I don’t talk to you everyday so staying up on your life is key. And you get to stay up on mine too!

    Those potatoe head chia pets are really cute! Good job!

  2. Amy @ countrystrong21
    February 21, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I read your blog too 🙂

    I’m getting into the plant growing thing too…my grandma gave me a cactus back in November. It had flowers and was blooming for a while but it has kind of stopped. I’m not entirely sure if it’s supposed to continue to bloom year round or not though. In summer it will be going back to my grandma’s to live outside under a huge tree where they do really well I guess…and then in fall I’ll take it back and probably get another one.

    The Mr. Potatoe Head is cute!

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